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Food & Drink

Yes you can bring your own food in, but remember we have painstakingly sourced the most interesting and creative selection of food outlets over the last 6 months from all over the country. Take for instance Soulful Kitchen, who come in an 'air streamer' serving delights like babaganoush salads and jungle punch smoothies. Or perhaps you'd like a gourmet steak sandwich served form a vintage Citroen van or freshly cracked coconuts and even a German sausage barbeque. We've gone a bit choosey on you!

We will also have a dedicated local farmers market, supplying cheeses, meats and fresh fruits. We thought it would be helpful to have fresh readymade food if you can't be bothered to make your own sandwiches.

There will be two fruit juice outlets as well as two non alcoholic cafes serving teas and coffees.

To add to the market feel we have included a few local shops offering non food items, in case it might be convenient for you to buy a few other goodies.


What about booze you ask? We are busy working with our partners at Chambord to make a destination cocktail bar for a more refined and relaxing choice. We are creating a serene environment that will be natural yet decedent, with views that are hard to beat anywhere in the country. All nestled by the lakeside too. Perfect.

There will be a secondary bar facing the main stage serving a range of fine beers, wines and spirits. This will be a luxurious free form canopy, perfectly complementing the stunning house of Newburgh Priory.


Pre order your picnic

Alternatively if you don't fancy buttering baps why not have a look at the 4 sumptuous menus prepared by 'Picnic Anywhere'.

Click numbered flowers to view menus

View menu 1 View menu 2 View menu 3 View kids menu

Once you have chosen your picnic, just look out for the picnic anywhere pick-up point at the entrance to the venue.
Buy hampers

If you have a query about special diets or wish to make a group booking of more than 10 picnics, please email this address:

All picnic boxes contain everything you need for a perfect picnic including; Napkin, wet finger wipe, finest quality disposable cutlery, white paper cup for mineral water, champagne flute /wine glass (disposable) and salt and pepper sachets.



*It is within our licence agreement that we are required to control the use of it, so it's essential we follow these rules if we are allowed back next year.


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