Extraordinary Additions To The Arts And Games Programme

With an already packed line up at The Magic Loungeabout, we can now announce that thanks to The Arts Council we’ll be taking our programme to a new level – we’ll even be transforming Broughton Hall itself like never before. This diversity further strengthens the festival and makes it truly unique to the region. Come and join the experience and leave the world behind at the entry gates!

The House Projection

We’re lighting up Broughton Hall like you have never seen before. Its called video mapping and you may have seen it during the Jubilee celebrations on Buckingham Palace. You can expect three different pieces to match each night’s headline act – Friday night may see the biggest disco ball in the country.

The Heavenly Court Of Madame Fantaisiste

A quirky interactive piece that includes The Rogue, The Joker and The Fool who cavort in the faded opulence of their luxuriant boudoir. Passers by are invited to partake in the courtly games and dances.

The Sneaky Experience

An adventurous pop up cinema experience with a difference. Carefully curated film happenings are brought to all ages, but the difference is actors will recreate scenes from the films themselves. A dressing up box is also provided for those who want to truly immerse themselves in the film being shown.

Alice’s Adventure’s In Wonderland

A new adaptation of Lewis Carol’s classic children’s novel. A magical musical romp through wonderland; expect original songs, dancing, puppets and all your favourite characters.

Hodman And Sally

These two interactive puppets will be walking around the site all weekend. They are two tiny backpackers from the country of Oblivia; an enchanting and funny performance like you’ve never seen before.

Bearded Kitten

The entertainment collective that turn an extravagant idea into the real thing, exploring the different ways people like to have fun. Adding to their classic games such as slippery tug of war, gravy wrestling and Yorkshire pudding eating comes the Yorkshire Heritage games. These include Human Sheep Herding, Knur and Spell and Conker Cuddling.

Suitcase Circus

Meet Wobulous Discombobulous the anarchic sock as he presents a line up of extraordinary talented performing objects, each with their own unique and captivating story lines. Inside the suitcase there’s a daredevil ski glove, a dancing milkshake straw and the hypnotic tie snake Windsor Knot accompanied by wonderfully weird and bizarre soundtrack.

Tailcoat Cabaret

Welcome on stage an entertaining group of objects who ooze attitude, sleaze, charm and an abundance of talent. Sometimes gritty, often mad, here you’ll find the anarchic sock again, but this time with new friends Madame Teapot the ‘stainless steel diva’ and Limbardo the fearless Italian driving glove.

Wise Birds

See the Wise Birds as you enter the arena with tails of places they’ve visited and wise (or not so wise) advice for the weekend ahead.

The Bee Detective

A children’s theatre show which invites young audiences and their families, both deaf and hearing, on an adventure into the inner sanctum of a beehive. It will evoke the sights and sounds of a hive through inventive new technology and creative capturing. This show encourages the audiences to play detective and discover why bees are under threat.

The Blue Whale

Welcome to the smallest theatre in the world! The Blue Whale is a metal whale which swallows audiences whole. Inside a love sick mariner will sing songs and hand you a personal message to take away. Its your very own performance and each one is unique.

Dangerous Dave

He’s actually more daft than dangerous. He has a sidekick called Herbert Lemon and together they perform some of the most mind bendingly silly stunts ever performed. Marvel as he fights his way out of a paper bag, and plunges himself into a domestic food processor. We said he was daft.

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